Ashley's Big Brother

Genre Reality competition
Created by Ashley Rivera
Starring Various Big Brother contestants
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1 (current)
No. of episodes None
Executive producer(s) Ashley Rivera
Original Run June 20, 2014 – present
Related Shows Janelle's Survivor (2013–2014)
Platinum Big Brother (2013–2014)

Ashley's Big Brother is a Tengaged reality game show based on the American, Indian and Australian versions of the show. The show follows a group of HouseGuests living together 24 hours a day in the "Big Brother" house, isolated from the outside world, but under constant surveillance with no privacy for three weeks. The HouseGuests compete for the chance to win by avoiding weekly eviction, until three HouseGuests remain on finale night at the end of the season where the winner is crowned. The series is produced and presented by Tengaged personality Ashley Rivera.

The format provides a combination of many Big Brother formats around the world. A group of contestants, known as "HouseGuests", compete to win the season by voting each other off and being the last HouseGuest remaining. One HouseGuest, known as the Head of Household, must nominate two of their fellow HouseGuests for eviction, along with two HouseGuests chosen all other HouseGuests in Diary Room Nominations. The winner of the Power of Veto can remove one of the nominees from the block, with the ability to either force the Head of Household to renominate, or name a replacement nominee themselves, depending on whom they choose to remove from the block. The public then vote to evict one of the four nominees, and the HouseGuest with the most votes is evicted. When only three HouseGuests remained, the public would decide which of them would win the season. A HouseGuest can be expelled from the show for breaking rules, and the HouseGuests are filmed at all times.


Tengaged contestants who apply for the series will be notified whether they have made the season or not.

Each week, the HouseGuests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who wins power in the house. The winner of the Head of Household competition is immune from nominations, and is instructed to nominate two fellow HouseGuests for eviction. After a HouseGuest becomes Head of Household he or she is ineligible to take part in the next Head of Household competition. Over the next 24 hours, all HouseGuests, excluding the Head of Household, are given six points to split between two HouseGuests, in ratios of 5:1, 4:2 and 3:3. The two or more HouseGuests with the most points will join the HoH's nominations on the block. The winner of the Power of Veto competition wins the right to save one of the nominated HouseGuests from eviction. If the Veto winner exercises the power on one of the HoH's nominations, the HoH then has to nominate another HouseGuest for eviction. If the power is exercised on one of the HouseGuest's nominations, the Veto winner wins the power to choose their own replacement nominee.

On eviction night, the public vote to evict one of the two nominees. During the time of voting, the potential evictees are able to record "Farewell Messages" for their HouseGuests, and vice versa. The nominee with the most public votes from the other HouseGuests is evicted from the house. HouseGuests can voluntarily leave the House at any time and those who break the rules are expelled with no precautions. At the end of the season, the public no longer vote to evict, but vote for their favorite HouseGuest to win. The HouseGuest with the most votes consequently wins the season.

Main seriesEdit

The series, which premiered on Tengaged on June 20, 2014, takes its name from the character in George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Since the show's inception, Ashley Rivera hosted competitions and eviction nights. The first season premiered on June 20, 2014.

Season details and viewershipEdit

Season Premiere date Finale date Days HGs Winner Runner(s)-up Third place Vote Viewers (in posts) Episodes
Premiere viewers Finale viewers Average viewers
Big Brother 1 June 20, 2014


For the first season, the show aired at 4:00pm Central Time for four days a week: Friday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with eviction shows airing each Wednesday and Friday. The eviction shows are split into two parts. The first part airs at a slightly earlier time of 3:30pm, in which the host, Rivera, asks the HouseGuests questions, followed by the announcement of the nominees who are safe from eviction. The second part consists of the host naming the evictee, and asking them to leave the house immediately. The Head of Household competition follows soon after, followed by the nomination ceremony.


Head of HouseholdEdit

The Head of Household competition is held at the beginning of each week, most often performed in the live eviction episode. Live HoH competitions are typically trivia based, and will see a HouseGuest being eliminated at the end of each round, until two remain. Various competitions throughout the season would be all about endurance, requiring HouseGuests to be the last one remaining.

Power of VetoEdit

Power of Veto competitions differ drastically from the Head of Household competition, with PoV competitions being more skill based in nature.

Other competitionsEdit

During the course of the season, several over competitions or challenges can take place, such as team-building exercises, secret missions set by Big Brother in order to win small perks, or competitions which broadcast status in the house, such as Have/Have-Not or Food and Luxury competitions.


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